Equal Opportunities

At the Centre, we aim to create a positive, non-discriminatory ethos and atmosphere, celebrating diversity.  This, we believe, is the joint responsibility of staff, children, parents / carers, and visitors.

Statement of Intent

We are striving to achieve a welcoming, caring environment which both promotes and reflects diversity and is equally accessible to all.  We will endeavour to challenge any offensive behaviour or language which prevents a non-discriminatory environment.  Complaints and challenges regarding our anti-bias practice will be seen as a positive part of the school’s development towards being an equal opportunity school.

 Complaints – Getting it right

Goldwater Pre – Primary aims to provide high quality care and education.  If for any reason you want to make any comments, have a complaint or are dissatisfied with the care and / or education your child is provided with, (or which your feel should be provided by us) then please feel free to talk to the teacher.  If you are still concerned please contact or email the Deputy or Principal.  Please ensure that you follow the correct procedure should you feel unhappy about anything, as rudeness or aggression towards any staff member will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

Fee Structure

There is a yearly Resource Fee at Goldwater Pre – Primary.  This covers the holding of the place for your child, as well as various resources and equipment for the year.  For children over 1 year, it also includes a Goldwater Pre – Primary t-shirt.  All fees are due in advance and may only be paid by stop order by the 1st of each month.  All fees in arrears will automatically have a R150 penalty fee added to their account after the 4th of a month.  Children will not be allowed to return to school if payment is not made by the 7th of the month.  Please see the attachment for this year’s fee structure. 


All fees include

  • All materials involved in day to day classroom activities
  • All toys and equipment
  • Communication books
  • Disposable resources such as paint, cardboard, clay, play dough, etc.
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch

We also ask that for health reasons you supply your own mattress.  This mattress needs to be labelled with your child’s name and will follow him/her throughout their stay here at Goldwater Pre-Primary.  A cot or travel cot mattress is recommended.

Account details

Account Name: Goldwater Education (PTY) Ltd

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch Code: 050017

Account Number: 080440037

Reference:  Account holder’s name and child’s name

Notice Period

A calendar month’s written notice period is required for removal of your child from the school.  Payment will be accepted in lieu of notice.  Please note that no notice will be accepted for any child leaving in the last term (from 1 October).  If you would like to withdraw in the final term, then all fees for the final 3 months need to be paid.

How can you help us

Your child’s birthday:  As you know within a school we go through an enormous amount of puzzles and books per year.  We ask that each child donates a book or puzzle on his or her birthday to their class.  This need not be an expensive item.  We will then attach a sticker to the item, stating who it is from and the date.  Your child’s teacher will send you a reminder close to the time.

Please pack the following for your child each day

  •       a well- marked blanket and pillow (this can stay at the school and will be 

      sent home to be washed every Friday)

  •       snack (morning and/or afternoon)
  •       a change of clothes (clearly marked)
  •       a sunhat and suncream (clearly marked)
  •       your child’s communication book
  •       plastic A5 document wallet for diaries and letters
  •       nappies, nappy sacks and wet wipes (if required)
  •       a comfort blanket and / or dummies (if required) (clearly marked)
  •       1 pack of tissues for the class per term

We hope you have found this booklet useful. Please remember that you are welcome to approach any member of staff for clarification on any part of this information.

We hope you and your child will have a positive experience at the Centre!

Right of Admission Reserved

We reserve the right to ask anyone not complying with our rules and regulations to leave without notice or refund.